Saturday, January 17, 2009

I realized today after looking at some of my friends blogpages, it occurred to me that it has been too long since my last blog. My intention for starting this was so that i could have everyone know about my adventures in Thailand. Since being back though i spent far more time in "real life" away from the constraints of the internet to share my stories and to journal in a hardcopy leather journal all my exciting tales.

Anyhow, im back and im gonna try harder to make words of wisdom show up more than once every few months.

I started work again full time this past week at 3 different colleges. I had a nice 3 week vacation of relaxation and very few interpreting assignments. Mostly i just hungout with friends and caught some zzzzzzzzzzzz...Monday was a good kick in the pants though, since i had to wake up before noon to get up and go to work. It was a tough week as was good to get back into the swing of things. I have 10 different classes i am interpreting this semester ranging from: pilates to business law to accounting to world geography etc. it will be the hardest work semester for me yet. Wed. and Thurs. of this week were by far the two hardest day i have ever had. Wed i had 4 classes back to back to interpret alone. Most often we have partners to work with where we can switch out every 20 mins to reduce fatigue and ability to have a functioning mind after we leave the class. Wed i arrived home from work only to go to bed around 930pm. I cant tell you the last time i actually went to bed before 10pm. Thursday my schedule was intense. I worked 8-5 and a night class 7-815. When i got home i crashed shortly after. My arms have been achy just because i have used them so much. wow! that was only the first week too. its gonna be a loooooong semester...

Other than that missions has been on my mind lately. Specifically, Thailand. and even more so than that, deaf there. I hope to go back there soon. My heart has really been for those there, deaf, hearing, buddhists, muslims, all. I feel God has been putting these thoughts and people on my heart so deeply that i cant help but think of nothing else except wanting the opportunity to go back very soon. Someday soon i will post a blog about my time with the deaf there and some more things about my experiences there and how i feel i have been led that direction. Until next time...dont forget to eat your vegetables! :)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Adrienne won the costume contest!
Even though we didnt have one, we know she would have:
FUN weekend. I miss her she is my bff its so hard to not be able to see her.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Too Long

So it has been too long since my last post. I will try this week to get all my entries from Thailand up and posted. Life has been crazy the past 2 months. It has really thrown me into a whirlwind. Tonight i gotta be honest, I am full of strange emotions and a lot of frustration. Its interesting how God works, and how people do or don't respond.

I miss my brother. I read his blog tonight, he is having a great time!

I get to see Adrienne this weekend. My bff! I am gonna be making my Halloween costume and its hilarious! i'll post pictures of that sometime in the near future when its all completed.

For now, its bedtime and soon i will be taking a step back in time because i have had some life changing things happen, and i really need to get them off my chest.

Until then, enjoy this fun photo haha...

My halloween costume before it has been completed...What will I be??? any guesses?

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Recap of Thailand...

So I realize I have returned home, but you have to understand my trip was so full of life i didnt have time for this until now.

So join me on a space travel journey back in time...kerchow!

After a long long LONNNNNG plane ride, we finally arrived in Chaing Mai, Thailand. Land of Smiles. HOORAY! It was really exciting, even though we were all draggin. Went out to eat and pretty much enjoyed our first weekend before our Monday classes were to begin.

Before we went on the trip i was feeling really uneasy and unsettled about if i was going for the right reasons, if i should be going at all, i was homesick, didnt know anyone, blah blah blah.

That saturday we just hungout and recooped, had a short orientation and went out to dinner next to the river at this wonderful resturant. Amy got dindin in a pineapple and i was being pretty safe with my chicken cashew meal. Sunday we went to church in the city. It was pretty neat i was really jetlagged and tired. We enjoyed our afternoon and that night went to the market. Now they have the market open every night of the week, however on sunday its out of control. They close down part of one of the streets next to this Huge gate called the Thae Pai Gate and extend the market and have more events going on. I saw some young girls dancing in festive costumes and they were so pretty. I wanted to buy stuff but i felt it would be best for me to wait til nearin the end of the trip. Everyone is so friendly and sweet here. I love being here so far. I dont know why i was feeling sad that i went. STUPID ME!

Thats all for now, i wish i had more time but its time for me to not be lazy and go exercise. Hope to have more post very soon about the first week we experienced learning Buddhism and meeting many Buddhist peoples. I will also tell you how wonderful it was to be SICK eh on the other side of the world. Tune in for more later haha.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lets get this running...

These girls changed my life, really this whole experience changed my life. These 2 pictures have so much depth and meaning to me as well as all the pictures i took. The picture to the left was a class of deaf students we had the opportunity to meet and share the Gospel with. They were so much fun and had amazing testimonies of faith! I will add more pictures later and more stories. Believe me, this isnt even scratching the surface...